VOYER, Sarla (1955)

Sarla Voyer, La maison fantôme, 2002. Papier blanc, broches, plumes d’oie, papier vélin, photographie. 310 x 671 x 122 cm. Photo : Martine Doyon.

Sarla Voyer holds a BFA (1993) and an MFA (1997) and completed professional development internships at Toronto’s York University (1991) and in Boissano, Italy (1995). She has served as the president of Centre Clark since 2008 and has been a member of its board of directors since 2004. Voyer occasionally exhibits inventive intimist objects, but her work consists primarily of immense installations that take up every inch of the galleries in which they are displayed. Her systematic use of the colour white, accentuated by skilful lighting, contributes in large part to the characteristically spectral allure of the spaces she creates. In both name and appearance, the sprawling installations La maison fantôme (“the ghost house”; 2002) and Mémorial (“memorial”; 2010) are the most representative examples of Voyer’s work.

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