VIGER, Louise (1940-2018)

Louise Viger, Autodafé, 2011. Cintres de bois, fil de métal, fil de nylon, bois, teinture, vernis acrylique mat, iPod nano et accessoires. 280 x 270 cm. Photo : Idra Labrie

Louise Viger holds Bachelor’s degrees in teaching and visual arts as well as an MFA. She has taught visual arts at the University of Ottawa (1991) and the Cégep Montmorency (1992-1994) and taken part in an impressive number of exhibitions, notably at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal and the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec. In addition, she has created more than a dozen public artworks, including Voix sans bruit (Grande Bibliothèque du Québec in Montreal, 2005) and a tribute to Jean Duceppe entitled Des Lauriers pour mémoire (Parc Jean-Duceppe, Montreal, 2008). L’éclipse, les délicieux (1991), one of her major works, features contorted bodies made from white sugar paste; each ghostly figure is lit from below, casting looming silhouettes upon the gallery walls. In The Ogre and the Connoisseur (L’ogre et le connaisseur, 2000), a peculiar white chocolate figure is backed against its shadow while an immense red tongue in vibrant polyester resin appears to address a sea of overturned and stacked white chairs – images that have been projected onto the sides of the room to represent an absent audience, one deaf to “the taste of language or tongues” in every sense of the phrase. Duality and substitution are also principal themes in Autodafé (2005), which comprises wooden hangers arranged in the shape of a dress; akin to a suit of armour, its graceful lines belie its rigid constitution but cannot mask the “black hole” left by the absence of a body.

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