Symposium international de Montréal (1964)

Irvin Burman, Sans-titre, 1964. Pierre : H. : 2,13m. Photo : Serge Fisette

In 1964, the first International Sculpture Symposium in North America took place in Mount Royal Park. Sculptor Robert Roussil began the initiative and was part of the organization team along with Denys Chevalier, Otto Bengle, Pothier Ferland and Jacques Melançon. The International Symposium in Montreal gathered 12 sculptors: Irving Burman (Canada), Augustin Cardenas (Cuba), Louis Chavignier (France), Eloul Kosso (Israel), Krishna-Reddy (India), Josef Pillhofer (Austria), Robert Roussil (Canada), Carlo Sergio Signori (Italy), Geracimo Sklavos (Greece), Pierre Szekely (Hungry), Armand Vaillancourt (Canada), Shirley Witebsky (United States). Film director Jacques Giraldeau shot a 10-minute short film titled La forme des choses (National Film Board of Canada, 1965) for the occasion. The soundtrack is signed by Pierre Mercure. The event received support from the Ministère des Affaires culturelles du Québec, the City of Montreal and Hydro-Québec. The City of Montreal owns the pieces today.

Reference: Serge Fisette, Symposiums de sculpture au Québec 1964-1997, Montreal, Centre de Diffusion 3D, 1997, p. 15, 26-29.