SIVUARAPIK, Thomasie (1941-2009)

Born in Puvirnituq, Quebec, Thomasie Sivuarapik is an Inuit sculptor who is primarily influenced by his father, Charlie Sivuarapik, and his uncle, Isah Qumalu Sivuarapik. He primarily sculpts with stone, but other materials such as antler, bone and layers of ivory are sometimes included. His depictions of animals – usually otters, birds, bears and seals – and his feminine figures are characterized by highly polished surfaces and the artist’s careful attention to detail, particularly in the various textures used in his work. He was chosen to represent the Canada Pavilion’s Puvirnituq region at Expo 67 in Montreal, where he demonstrated sculpture techniques for four months. His work belongs to large private collections and public institutions, such as the Indian and Inuit Art Collection, the Department of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, the Toronto-Dominion Bank Collection and the Royal Ontario Museum.