SAULNIER, Michel (1956)

Michel Saulnier, Écho, 2001, Noyer laminé. 400 cm (H). Jardin d’arbres de la Domtar, Montréal. Photo avec l’aimable autorisation de l’artiste.

Sculptor and engraver Michel Saulnier holds a BA and an MA in art history. His installations comprise simplified forms vaguely reminiscent of those found in nature (leaves, birds); shown both indoors and outdoors, they are often displayed in public gardens and are adapted in theme and presentation according to the site. Symbols of childhood, however, appear frequently throughout Saulnier’s work – particularly teddy bears, at times ironically embellished with human body parts (a nose, vulva, penis, heart, backbone, etc.). Created from wax or painted and lacquered wood, and occasionally reproduced in brass, these installations play upon the unconscious where early childhood and sexual education are intertwined.

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