SANTERRE, Bruno (1954)

Bruno Santerre, Les déplacements (atelier no.2), 2013. Projections de photos d’atelier, lavis sur papier aquarelle, impression jet d’encre sur film, miroir, plâtre, bois, verre, panneaux de styromousse, trépied, maquette. Photo avec l’aimable autorisation de l’artiste.

Multidisciplinary artist Bruno Santerre holds a BFA and an MFA. He works in sculpture, installation, painting and photography, and received the 2008 Prix à la création artistique du Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. He has produced an artist’s book with poet André Gervais and illustrated poetry collections by both Gervais and Paul Chanel Malenfant. Made with objects such as mirrors, sandstone, photographs, ink wash drawings and other materials either placed on the ground or displayed on the walls, his installations resemble constellations, featuring a competitive interplay between actual light and shadow. Unlike the fixed viewpoint favoured in traditional chiaroscuro, the array of projected images (often clouds) and geometrical fragments in his work encourage a kind of physical and visual nomadism: changes in position and a constant movement from one point of reference to another. In this sense, each piece constitutes a reflection upon perception – an optical treatise.

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