POISSANT, Gilbert (1952)

Gilbert Poissant, Murale, 1988. Terre cuite émaillée. Station de métro Outremont, Montréal. Photo: Alexandre Nunes.

Gilbert Poissant initially studied ceramics before completing professional internships in printmaking, stone carving, computer graphics, thermography and glasswork. In 1980, he spent time at the Banff School of Fine Arts before leaving for France on a research grant. Since 1983, he has frequently produced ceramic works integrated into the architecture in diverse locations, including Montreal’s Outremont subway station (1983) and the École de Technologies de Montréal (2007). In 2007, he created a permanent piece at the FuLe International Ceramic Art Museum in Fuping, China. The following year, he constructed an immense indoor installation in Montreal entitled Le Jeu du collectionneur (2008), which was composed of hundreds of found objects collected over the years: trays, hammers, playing dice, hat blocks and many others, all assembled into a veritable utopian city.

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