PLANTE, Roch (Réjean Ducharme) (1941-2017)

In addition to being a playwright, scriptwriter and writer best known for his famous novel L’Avalée des avalés (The Swallower Swallowed) (1966), Réjean Ducharme creates sculptures under the pseudonym Roch Plante. He takes to the streets with great subtlety to collect scraps such as bits of string, doll parts, belt buckles or ceramic shards – every variety of junk which he then frames or puts into boxes. At times, his tinkering produces a human face, as seen in Le sourire heureux du visage aimé (“the happy smile of a beloved face”; 1993). The titles of works such as Apathie…et patata (“apathy…and so on”), Vivre le Québec ivre! (“long live drunk Quebec!”), Vieux snoro (“old rascal”) or A quelle heure on meurt? (“what time do we die?”) echo the caustic tone of his writing.