PACE, Stella (1956)

Stella Pace, de la série Génocide / Genocide Series. Ciment, foin / Cement, hay, 100 x 30 à/to 36 x 80 à/to 155 cm. Photo : Avec l’aimable de l’artiste / Courtesy of the artist.

Stella Pace is an artist-sculptor. She has a minor in sculpting from the Université de Montréal (1991) and finished her university studies in visual arts at Concordia University. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in 1997, Stella Pace became increasingly interested in exploring different materials and the numerous ways they could be manipulated to make art. She perfected her practice by taking courses on wood and copper plate engraving, lithography, digital collages and silk-screening. Stella Pace draws inspiration both from the individual and society, examining recurrent themes, including the human figure, encounters, family, war and religion. Among her sculptural installations are Refugiés (2000), Génocide (2005), Enfants Soldats (2010) and Guerrier (2015). The artist has participated in a number of collaborative and individual exhibitions, such as at the Musée du Bas-St-Laurent in Quebec City, the Miriam Shiell Fine Art Gallery in Toronto and the One Blue Sphere Gallery in the Netherlands. Stella Pace has also created artist books and has collaborated with the group Xylon-Québec in the creation of two pieces (Du Blanc au Noir and Les Feux sacrés). Her work can be found in several private and public collections, including the National Bank, Holcim Canada, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec and the Loto Québec collection. Lastly, she has received several grants and participated in several artist residencies in Canada.