MARTIN, Paryse (1959)

Paryse Martin, Récit lacrymogène, 2013. Papier mâché, encre de chine et métal ionisé. 139 x 76 x 76 cm. Photo : Renée Méthot.

Paryse Martin completed a BFA (1986), an MFA (visual arts, 1994) and a short Master’s program in artist’s book publication (2000) at Université Laval before earning a PhD in the study and practice of art from Université du Québec à Montréal (2007). She has participated in a great many solo and group exhibitions and frequently drawn the attention of art critics and historians. Martin’s technique is characterized primarily by her use of colour as well as playful forms, whether implausible or plainly figurative, such as garden gnomes. Often grouped in installations, her works ironically breach the conventional codes of art through an overwhelming presence of “baroque” elements: every excess of form and content that make a mockery of the separation of genres. Manœuvres exquises, presented at Galerie CIRCA in 2005, is a striking example of her approach.

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