LEBLANC, Pierre (1949)

Pierre Leblanc, La nature au cœur : Au coeur des feuilles l’idée de l’arbre, Suite Rigaud, 2011. Acier oxydé, aluminium et inox, béton. 837 cm (H). Bibliothèque de Rigaud. Photo:  Anik Benoit.

Pierre Leblanc was introduced to sculpture while working at the Fonderie expérimentale de Pierrefonds with André Fournelle and Armand Vaillancourt. In 1974, he settled in Val-David and helped to establish the Atelier de l’Île, where he refined his knowledge of printmaking and lithography with Michel Thomas Tremblay and Gilles Boisvert. He also took up sculpture during this time and began to produce performance art and projects for integrating art into architecture. Having designed numerous murals permanently installed across Quebec, Leblanc creates large- and medium-format works that frequently cite the great masters of art: he juxtaposes materials, at times including photographs, and exploits visual metaphors linked to cultural heritage. His interest in preserving heritage was demonstrated in 2011 when he exhibited a series of small church steeples entitled Signes et repères (Musée d’art contemporain des Laurentides) and completed an altarpiece (Le Retable), inspired by that of Matthias Grünewald, for the Cathedral of Saint Jerome.

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