LANTHIER, Roch (1949)

Roch Lanthier is trained in cabinet-making but has been devoted to sculpture since 1973. That same year, he held a joint exhibition with Zénon Alarie. At present, he lives in the Laurentians and has produced numerous environmental sculptures in the region, including L’arbre de roues (Gare de Prévost, 2004) and Un train d’enfer (Parc des voyageurs in the town of Mont-Tremblant, 2013). In 1990, in collaboration with Ginette Robitaille, he designed a sculpture/set design for Amnesty International. In 2010, he received the Special Jury Prize from the Cercle des artistes peintres et sculpteurs du Québec for a work entitled Ce que c’est? Lanthier has also produced numerous sculpture fountains for public spaces. Although his monumental pieces are made of stainless steel, his smaller sculptures are more environmentally-friendly, usually made from recycled cardboard.