HOGUE, Daniel (1953)

Daniel Hogue, Champ de lumière en mémoire de Pablo Neruda et de Gaston Miron, Symposium international d’Art in situ de la Fondation Derouin à Val-David, 2005-2006. Superficie totale : 150 m2. Photo : Michel Dubreuil.

Daniel Hogue is a teacher, graphic designer, illustrator and artist. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in 2D/graphic design (1976) from the Université du Québec à Montréal and both an undergraduate degree in art and computer imaging (Licence en arts et technologie de l’image) and an MFA in sculpture and new technologies (1995) from Université Paris 8. In addition to solo exhibitions such as Cadran solaire / Installation (2007) at Galerie r3 of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, he has taken part in several group shows, including Le printemps du Québec en France (1999), the Fondation Derouin’s Symposium international d’art in situ in Val-David (2005-2006) and Images du Futur ‘89 at the Cité des Arts et des Nouvelles Technologies de Montréal. Since 1992, Hogue has been exploring the use of braille in his work, seeking to create concrete and visible representations through the visual arts of a language based on touch. For one such project, he used light reflected off of small, round mirrors made of stainless steel to inscribe a 950-million-year-old rock with a poem he had composed in braille. This work of integrated art remains on permanent display in the town of Val-David.

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