HARVEY, Maurice (1945)

Self-taught artist Maurice Harvey began his career at about the age of seventeen, shaping wood sculptures from rough carvings he made using a chainsaw. In 1962, he took up residence in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli and enrolled at the École de sculpture. Alongside his teaching career, he has pursued sculpture through often figurative pieces made from bronze, metal and stone; he has also created monumental works which can be found in numerous public and private spaces in the United States, Europe and across Quebec. In 2008, Harvey completed a totem pole entitled Les générations for the entrance to Parc des Sept-Chutes in Saint-Georges de Beauce. Carved from a pine tree scheduled to be cut down, it was the third to be installed at the park and depicts figures symbolic of the roots of humanity and the passing of generations. Also in 2008, Harvey received the Grand Prix du public and the Prix des enfants at the 3rd International Granite Sculpture Symposium of Stanstead.