HARVEY, Jean-Pierre

Jean-Pierre Harvey’s Herbier, an asphalt roofing installation presented at Galerie Skol in 1989, illustrates the artist’s focus on the environment and on the deteriorating state of nature. Harvey has also created architecturally integrated works, including at École Sainte-Hélène in Saint-Henri-de-Taillon (1990-1991). Partnering with Guy Blackburn and Yves Tremblay, he formed the group Insertion, which produced interventions—notably an installation “parallel” to the 1987 documenta in Kassel—in Quebec, France and Germany. Insertion used a broad range of materials and techniques in their work: the printed press and other media, food (as in the 1985 exhibition L’art mangeable), public interventions (such as Neige usée, which consisted of giant letters made from dirty snow), signage art, painting and performance art.