FISET, Jocelyn (1959)

Jocelyn Fiset, La Marque du Nomade, 2015. St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, France, Montmagny, etc. Photos : Bernard François, Jocelyn Fiset.

In addition to creating installations and performance art, multidisciplinary artist Jocelyn Fiset practises what he refers to as “peinture d’intervention” (“intervention-based painting”), a concept based on finding innovative means of producing art in a society of overconsumption. Casting aside tradition, he pursued this notion in the mid-eighties by traveling the world, painting on site in various locations – a practice he terms “nomadisme pictural” (“pictorial nomadism”). In 2009, he took on the roles of both head and artistic director of Victoriaville’s GRAVE visual arts centre. He is also a founding member of both Action Diffusion Nomade ADN and the Regroupement des Artistes Professionnels of Mont-Saint-Hilaire. He participated in Land Art 2007 in Mont Saint-Hilaire with Sushi bar, an outdoor installation made entirely from natural materials (vegetables, wood, hay, etc.).