FERLAND, Grégoire (1946)

Grégoire Ferland, Je Préhistoire, 2010. Bois, tissus,résine. 200 x 230 x 145 cm. Photo avec l’aimable autorisation de l’artiste.

The work of self-taught artist Grégoire Ferland includes paintings, drawings, writing, performance art and sculpture. In addition to presenting his work in solo and group exhibitions both in Canada and abroad (El Salvador, Colombia, the United States and Mexico), he has published a collection of drawings and poetry entitled Huhomiste (1984) and given performances using metal sculptures alongside percussionist Guy Nadon, notably at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 1988. His sculptures reflect a minimalist approach that combines figurative and abstract elements. Those made from metal, for example, composed of found objects such as metal rods and pipes, are humorous assemblages made to resemble strange creatures.

« Grégoire Ferland : Recent Works » by John K. Grande, ESPACE, vol. 5, n° 4, p. 47.