DE MONTIGNY GIGUÈRE, Élisabeth-Louise (1878-1969)

Élisabeth-Louise de Montigny Giguère, Autoportrait de l’artiste, 1920. Plâtre moulé. 48,5 x 21 x 23 cm. Collection Musée Laurier.

In addition to working as a civil servant, Élisabeth-Louise de Montigny Giguère was a sculptor, painter and portraitist. After taking lessons in drawing and painting with the Good Shepherd Sisters (Les Sœurs du Bon-Pasteur) in Montreal, she studied under William Brymner from 1914 to 1917. She was later a student at the Conseil des arts et manufactures de Montréal and at the École des beaux-arts in 1924-1925. For twenty years, she took part in the Spring Salon of the Art Association of Montreal, exhibiting mostly plaster and terracotta pieces. While her sculptures comprise religious works and portraits of political figures, her paintings feature primarily floral themes.