DAY, Sara (1954)

Sara Day, Rising,1996. Bois, or / Wood, gold, 16 x 120 x 23 cm. Photo © : Guy L’Heureux.

Native to Montreal, Sara Day is a self-taught artist. Her personal process has evolved outside of the aesthetic trends developed in academic studies. One component of this process is marked with spirituality. The artist wants to inscribe her three-dimensional works in a symbolism where humanity interacts with the forces beyond it. For a bit of added lightness, this spirituality is traced with poetry and humour. Primarily created with earthen elements or wood, her works often marry human or animal forms that connect with the environment, thus suggesting a harmonious view of the living world. Since 1981, Sara Day has shown her sculptures in more than forty collaborative exhibitions, such as at the McClure Gallery in 2014 and the Galerie Robert Poulin in 2015, both located in Montreal. She has also had several solo exhibitions, including the most recent at the Galerie d’art d’Outremont in 2016. Some of her works are located in various private collections, such as Air Canada and Cirque du Soleil.