DAUDELIN, Charles (1920-2001)

Charles Daudelin, Éclatement II, 1998. Acier corten, bordure du bassin en granite. 540 x 720 cm. Place de la gare du Palais, Québec. Photo : Éric Daudelin.

Charles Daudelin studied at the École du meuble with Elzéar Soucy, Paul-Émile Borduas, Maurice Gagnon (art history) and Marie-Alain Couturier. Upon an invitation to work alongside Fernand Léger, he made visits to New York between 1944 and 1945, spending the next two years in Paris (1946-1948) where he would meet leading Cubist sculptor Henri Laurens. During the 1950s, he crafted stage sets and marionettes for several theatre companies touring throughout Quebec. Daudelin’s prolific career lasted more than fifty years. An influential figure in Quebec sculpture, he explored a wide range of mediums: painting, sculpture, drawing, jewelry, ceramics, furniture, costumes  and liturgical or sacred objects. He also created many outdoor public sculptures, as well as works integrating art into architecture, such as the altarpiece in the Sacré-Cœur chapel of Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica (1980-1982). He participated in the 10th Milan Biennale in 1954 and in the 11th Middelheim Biennale (Belgium) in 1971. In addition to the Prix de peinture de la province de Québec (1946) and the Prix de sculpture au concours de la province de Québec (1964 and 1968), he was awarded the Prix Paul-Émile Borduas in 1985.

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