COVIT, Linda (1948)

Linda Covit, Havre,2014. Aluminium peint, lumières, programmation. 13 m x 15,75 m diamètre, lampadaires : 51 x 122 x 122 cm. CUSM, Montréal. Photos : Marc Cramer.

Linda Covit graduated from McGill University with a BSc in 1969. In addition to participating in many group exhibitions and art events, she has held numerous solo exhibitions, including at the Musée du Québec (1990), the Musée de Lachine (1997) and the Canadian Embassy in Japan (2001). She has also created several sculptures for the integration of art into architecture and the environment. One of these, located in Montreal’s Jarry Park, is an anti-monument to peace entitled Caesura (1991), whose elements comprise a buried collection of thousands of donated war toys. Theatre for Sky Blocks (1992) in Lachine is composed of three columns bearing silk-screened images of clouds and blurs the boundary between imagination and reality. Unadorned and understated, the majority of Covit’s installations emphasize inner reflection and being close to nature. As expressed in the title of one of her pieces, Orienter le regard, they aim to focus the viewer’s attention. She has a particular affinity for gardens and the art of Zen, while the recurring theme of columns (as well as towers) in her work reveals her interest in history and architecture, her installations intended to provide evidence of the “passage of time.” Actively involved in the cultural community, Covit has served as a jury member of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, president of the Association of National and Non-Profit Artist-run Centres and director of the Powerhouse Gallery (now called La Centrale).

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