CORNET, Lucienne (1937)

Lucienne Cornet, Le Quatuor d’airain, 1996. Bronze. 300 x 1500 x 600 cm. Centre des congrès de Québec. Photo : Louise Bilodeau.

Lucienne Cornet graduated from the École des beaux-arts de Toulon with a teaching degree in drawing and fine arts before completing internships in engraving in Quebec and receiving an MFA from Université Laval. She moved to Canada in 1969 and became a Canadian citizen in 1973. In addition to teaching at various Quebec universities, she practises painting, sculpture and drawing, and creates installations and prints. Her primary mediums as a sculptor are metal, stone, clay and wood. Her work, characterized by unembellished forms that exude a poetic, intimate quality, reflects a particular interest in mise en scène, nature, culture, nomadism and wildness. The pieces she has created for the integration of art into architecture include Le quatuor d’airain at the Centre des congrès de Québec, Métamorphoses in the foyer of the Salle Albert-Rousseau in Sainte-Foy and L’homme rivière at the Price Building in Quebec City. She has been awarded the Prix d’excellence du Conseil de la culture de la région de Québec (1992); the Chevalier de l’ordre national des arts et des lettres du ministre de la Culture de France (2000); and the Prix Télé-Québec, which she received at the 7th Alma Biennale (2001).

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