The Conseil de la Sculpture du Québec was formerly the Association des Sculpteurs du Québec (ASQ), created in 1961. The ASQ was responsible for the establishment of many events, including the annual sculpture exhibition Confrontation, as well as group exhibitions both in Quebec and abroad. Québec en 3D, for example, was held in collaboration with the Délégation du Québec in Paris. In the early 1980s, the CSQ founded ESPACE, a quarterly review distributed among its members. In 1987, the publication came under the control of the Centre de diffusion 3D. The CSQ has published several reports on topics such as authors’ rights and the cultural policy of the Canadian government, the Government of Quebec and the Conseil des arts de Montréal. The CSQ has also participated in conferences, roundtables and inquiry commissions alongside other visual arts associations. In addition, it has drawn up contracts for sales, loans and consignments, as well as for symposiums and works integrating art into architecture. As written in its charter, the objectives of the CSQ are as follows: to create an association for all Quebec sculptors, regardless of their style, school or philosophy; to study, promote and further the art of sculpture; to protect, foster and spread the economic, social and artistic interests of its members; to serve as an official advocate for its members; to encourage, protect and provide help to young sculptors; and to organize exhibitions for the sculptors of Quebec.