CLOUTIER, Sylvie (1957)

Sylvie Cloutier, Animal de curiosités, 2002. Rideau de perles-faïence, acier, latex, argile, cire, farine. 198 x 245 x 184 cm. Photo : Guilaine St-Pierre.

After studying fine arts in college, Sylvie Cloutier completed several sculpture internships, including a placement where she would later teach at the École de sculpture sur bois in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli. Since 1979, she has taken part in numerous exhibitions and symposiums and created architecturally integrated works. Visitors are as tempted to touch these installations as they are to simply admire them, drawn to examine the designs from every angle so as to appreciate their rich and varied layers of meaning. Cloutier’s penchant for unusual shapes, materials and techniques lends a singular quality to her work: the complex interplay between filled and empty spaces fools the eye, inspiring curiosity and varied interpretations. Her striking sculptures also create a dynamic connection between the works and their surroundings, whether between separate pieces in close proximity or between the complementary elements of an installation.

« Sylvie Cloutier, Janet Logan : L’espace en creux des sensations » by Christine Palmiéri, ESPACE #51, p. 46.