CISNEROS, Domingo (1942)

Domingo Cisneros, El Espiritu de la montana, vallée de la Drobie, (France), 2001. Pierre. Photo : Domingo Cisneros

Born in Monterrey, Mexico, and a descendent of the Chichimeca peoples, Domingo Cisneros was drawn to the aboriginal culture of North America when he moved to Canada in 1968. During the 1970s, he taught at Manitou College in La Macaza, gradually developing the concept of “territoire culturel” (“cultural territory”). He has undertaken an increasing number of socio-ecological interventions, which aim to establish a connection between nature and culture, through projects that have brought together artists from various parts of the world, namely the Laurentians, Yukon, Alberta, Norway and Cuba. He has also explored the concepts of “art-aventure” (1984), “art-nature” (1985) and “arts-forestiers” (1999) in his work, and became the first recipient of the Grand Prix de la culture des Laurentides in 1990. Cisneros represented Quebec and acted as curator at the fourth and fifth Havana Biennial Art Exhibitions (Cuba) and at the Lillehammer Winter Olympics (Norway). In addition, he is the founder of Boréal Multimédia and Les Précambriens, the first collectives for Canadian art-nature artists. His artwork is rooted in politics, spirituality, and the cycle of life and death, as well as in the search for a new language able to bring mankind closer to his environment.

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