CHOQUETTE, Marcel (1913-1971)

Marcel Choquette was a painter, ceramist and self-taught sculptor. He created works developing the theme of land, numerous plaster busts of Premier Maurice Duplessis and the sculpture of the Palais des Merveilles. Le Calvaire, an 18-foot-tall sculpture composed of three figures, can be found at the Terrebonne cemetery. He also designed and produced a bronze plaquette of Charles de Gaulle, a medallion depicting Stalin and busts of Brother Marie-Victorin, Winston Churchill and Jovette Bernier. In the year before his death, he completed the sculpture of Maurice Richard that stands in front of the arena bearing the legendary hockey player’s name (1970). Choquette worked as well with the ceramist Gaétan Beaudin (1924-2002) and, between 1944 and 1946, made earthenware pieces formed at La Faïencerie d’Art de Montréal, a ceramic workshop on Papineau Street.