BOURGEAU, Annick (1961)

Graduate of the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, Montreal sculptor Annick Bourgeau is the author of several commemorative monuments featuring important figures in Quebec history. Among other projects, she created the monuments of Jean Drapeau (2001), in front of Montreal City Hall, Jean Lesage (2000), at the National Assembly of Quebec city, and Raoul Dandurand’s bust in the lobby of the former Simpson Building, closed in 1989 and, since 1997, became Carrefour Industrial Alliance. In collaboration with Jules Lasalle, she participated in the production of the Maurice Richard tribute monument (1997) in front of the arena of the same name. She also contributed to the creation of the gallery of the six busts of the National Monument in Montreal, as well as the monument to Monseigneur de Laval, at the Quebec Cathedral.