BOURASSA, Guy (1956)

Guy Bourassa, Dialogue avec les oiseaux, 2001. Photo : avec l’aimable autorisation de l’artiste.

Guy Bourassa’s work is concerned with bringing together physical discourse with that of the interior or exterior space. The understanding of the works takes place in the duration, through the movement of the viewer, who must circulate around them. The human figure is often present, but used as a metaphor, represented by an attribute such as a shirt, shoe, coat or architectural element. In 2001, Bourassa participated in an exhibition at the Orford Arts Centre entitled Bruits de fond, which featured environmental sound projects. He presented Dialogue avec les oiseaux (“dialogue with birds”), in which the outline of a face, cut out in the ground and enhanced with a bed of clover and cosmos, appeared to carry on a conversation with fake birds.

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