BOUDREAULT, Diane (1949)

Diane Boudreault, Jardins réinventés, 2013. Tamiseur à vagues . 600 x 500 x 300 cm. Maison des arts et de la culture de Brompton. Photo : Arlette Vittecoq.

Diane Boudreault (dianeboudreault) holds an MFA in visual arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal (1991) and pursued doctoral studies in education sciences at the Université de Sherbrooke (2005-2013). She has produced several projects for the integration of art into architecture program, including for the Foyer de Bromptonville (1995) and the Orford Arts Centre (1989). Boudreault favours installation art and in situ work, as seen in her 2013 exhibition Extension, Jardins réinventés, presented at the Maison des arts et de la culture de Brompton. During the outdoor event Création-sur-le-champ in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, her work, Taurapatapom, featured everyday objects in an orchard at the foot of the mountain.