BLACKBURN, Jeannot (1959-1996)

Jeannot Blackburn, Salades/Salads, 1993. Faïence. 9 cm x 22 cm. Photo : avec l’aimaible autorisation du Everson Museum of Art et du Musée Marsil.

Although Jeannot Blackburn died prematurely, he established himself alongside the likes of Léopold L. Foulem and Paul Mathieu as one of Quebec’s ceramic masters. His works are in the public collections of the Shigaraki Museum of Ceramic Art in Kohga-gun, Japan; General Foods in Don Mills, Ontario; J.M.B Realty in Chicago; the Indusmin Collection in Toronto; and the Art Gallery of Burlington in Ontario. Blackburn’s work was featured in Trajectoires: la céramique au Québec des années 1930 à nos jours (“Pathways: Quebec ceramics from the 1930s to the present”). Organized in 2001 by the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, the exhibition presented works from the museum’s own collections and aimed to highlight leading examples of influential pieces throughout the history of ceramics, from its renaissance until today.

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