BEREZOWSKY, Liliana (1944)

Liliana Berezowsky, À la lizière du fleuve, 1995. Photo : Alexandre Nunes.

Liliana Berezowsky has lived in Montreal since 1972. She holds a BFA (1984) and an MFA (1989) from Concordia University, where she has been teaching since 1988. In the late 1990s, after working primarily with cement and steel, she began to use lighter, more delicate materials such as glass, Plexiglas and Japanese paper. She creates objects that seem strange because they are both attractive and disturbing; whether related to the industrial world or closer to everyday life, they always engage the body of the viewer. Berezowsky has completed works for the integration of art into architecture at the Cégep André-Laurendeau in Ville Lasalle (1993), the Établissement de formation professionnelle in Saint-Jérôme (1995), the École Trois Saisons in Terrebonne (1996) and the École des métiers de l’aérospatiale de Montréal (1997). She also participated in the Symposium de Trois-Rivières in 1992 and at the Symposium de Longueuil in 1995. In 2013, she was honoured through an exhibition at the Musée de Lachine that centred on her 1989 sculpture Baat.

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