BEAULIEU, Lorraine (1958)

Lorraine Beaulieu, Nouvelles recyclées, 2009. Papiers journaux et tiges de métal. 290 x 52 cm et 122 x 52 cm. Photo avec l’aimable autorisation de l’artiste.

Lorraine Beaulieu holds a Bachelor of Arts (2002) and a Certificate in Art History (2017) from Université du Québec à Trois-Rivière. She also earned a Visual Arts Master’s degree from Université Laval (2009). Her multidisciplinary work mainly questions our relationship with the environment. Using everyday objects such as newspapers, empty water bottles and umbrellas, she creates artworks linking humans, nature and culture. Although her art is considered poetical, Beaulieu’s sculptures and installations, generally formed by a process of accumulation, take a critical look at our time. For example, Haro sur l’Yonne (2005), a sculpture built with the help of Clamecy (France) residents and fabricated out of 3000 empty water bottles, was made for the purpose to go down the Yonne river and therefore evoke preciousness of water. Her engaged art, promoting environmental protection, earned her an invitation from the national direction of Antarctica of Argentina to participate in an artistic residency in Antarctica (2007). The artist’s work of art has been represented in several solo and group exhibitions in Quebec and abroad (Argentina, Spain, United-States, France, Greece, etc.). She was also rewarded the Prix national de reconnaissance Essor/Culture pour tous (2013) as well as an honorable mention from the Recycl’Art festival’s jury in 2007 (Montpellier, Québec) for La Grande Bleue II (2007).

« Nouvelles recyclées de Lorraine Beaulieu : un feuilletage de la mémoire culturelle au quotidien » by Philippe Boissonnet, ESPACE #91, p. 35.