BEAUDOIN, Marie-José

An author, scriptwriter and former host at Radio-Canada (1963-1970), Marie-José Beaudoin travelled regularly to Europe (France, Switzerland, Spain) for Le sel de la semaine, a weekly program on personalities in art, literature and politics through which she met artists such as Miró and Salvador Dalí. In 1992, she participated in the celebration of Montreal’s 350th anniversary, producing an installation of monumental sculptures on the King Edward Quay in the Old Port of Montreal. The work featured primitive-looking pictograms and ideograms engraved in metal, revealing unexplored myths through eight spindly characters that seemed to be composed of cosmic dust. At the Transit 92 exhibition, Beaudoin presented La cité réinventée, in which reduced energy-matter foreshadowed a spiritual blossoming in the new urban world of tomorrow.