AUDET, Georges (1957)

Georges Audet, Plancher flottant, 2012. Pièces de bois récupérées, corde. 245 x 400 cm. Photo : Jean Sébastien Veilleux.

Georges Audet holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Université Laval in Quebec City (1982) and also studied computer graphics and art binding. He is a sculptor, designer, graphic artist and stage designer, describing himself as a researcher and creator. Through a process of constructing and deconstructing matter, his work draws mainly upon the disciplines of sculpture and architecture. His constructions are the result of addition and accumulation: the work is the sum of materials, planes and volumes, as well as of systematic gestures in the manner of embroidering or knitting. The work is treated like a ritual, a journey at the end of which the material world is transformed and renewed. The artist seeks to express the idea of sacredness through the realms of dreams and poetry, his sculptures and objects being related to the world of stories, myths and archetypes.