ALLOUCHERIE, Jocelyne (1947)

Jocelyne Alloucherie, Porte de jour, 2004. Plaques de métal d’acier intempérique. Square Dalhousie, Vieux-Montréal. Photo : Alexandre Nunes.

Jocelyne Alloucherie’s installations juxtapose various mediums (drawing, painting, photography, sculpture…) and prompt the viewer to stroll through what the artist calls her theatre of objects. Among the three-dimensional elements marking out these exhibitions, there are monolithic, often geometric sculptures; some of these are reminiscent of furniture (tables, beds, altars), giving the space a familiar connotation. The excessiveness of these objects stirs both a sense of closeness and one of distance, their strangeness and ambiguity as suggestive of furniture as of monuments. A major Quebec contemporary artist, Alloucherie has exhibited her work in many countries and participated in the following events: Aurora Borealis, CIAC 1985; the Canadian Biennial of Contemporary Art at the National Gallery of Canada in 1989; the Biennale de Liège in 2002; and the Biennale de Sedan in 2006. She is the winner of prestigious awards such as the Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media arts in 2000; the Prix Paul-Émile Borduas in 2002; and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec’s Prix Jean-Paul Riopelle in 2006.

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