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The Historical Dictionary of Quebec Sculpture in the 20th Century is a initiative of ESPACE art actuel magazine.

It should be noted that the sculptors included in this dictionary are limited to those born BEFORE 1968. Having reached at least the age of 40 by the year 2000, these individuals have had the opportunity to produce a substantial body of work and to exhibit their pieces at a variety of events and institutions (biennials, symposiums, galleries, museums, etc.). Since the turn of the new millennium, most have ceased to use the term “sculptor,” describing themselves instead as “artists” who work at times in sculpture, painting, video or any other medium. In this sense, this DICTIONARY might be said to mark the end of an era (at least from a terminological standpoint).

In addition, we chose sculptors with a practice sustained over several decades, their work having been featured both in solo and group exhibitions and in articles published in the media. Given our principal aim of showcasing these sculptors, we opted to condense each of their entries and focus only on the highlights of the individual’s career. In keeping with Espace magazine’s pan-Canadian, bilingual identity, the entire dictionary has been translated into English; certain entries are followed by links to relevant articles published in Espace as of 1987. We wish to thank the artists who were kind enough to provide us with their résumés, and we are equally grateful to the gallery and artists’ centre directors whose generosity enabled us get in touch with hard-to-reach artists.

Serge Fisette et Nycole Paquin.

Philippe Langlois, Alexandre Nunes

Serge Fisette, Nycole Paquin, André-Louis Paré

Janet Logan, Michelle Wong, Caroline Carden

André-Louis Paré

Scientific Committee:

Mélanie Boucher
Ph. D. in art history specialsed in contemporary art and museology and heritage professor at Université du Québec en Outaouais.

Annie Gérin
Ph. D. professor and director of the art history department at Université du Québec à Montréal.

Marie Perrault
Curator and art critic and art director of the Symposium de Baie Saint-Paul (2015)


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